If you're reading this post, you're ready to take control of your schedule & create more time for yourself, and the things that are important to you!

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Challenge: How To Take Control Of Your Schedule & Create More Time, Part 3

Part 1 of this challenge helped you to document what you're currently doing with your time.

Part 2 of this challenged helped you to analyze the time you're spending, and craft a more productive schedule.

Now, part 3 of this challenge is here to help you keep the habit of this challenge going!

Here's how part 3 of this challenge works:

  1. First, review your past 7 planned days (outlined in part 2).
    1. Did you get more sleep / rest, knowing you had a plan for the week?
    2. Did you follow your planned schedule every day? Why, or why not?
    3. Were you able to skirt around some of your negative habits?
    4. Were you able to include some positive habits?
  2. Plan your next 7 days (just like you did in week 2), and try to combat any challenges you faced from the previous week.
  3. Repeat! This 7-day plan can work year-round!

Here are a few tips for success:

  1. Make 1 day every week your scheduling day: Every Sunday, for example.
  2. Map out the major activities you have planned for the week first (obligations, self-care, family, friends).
  3. Don't get overwhelmed: Not every minute of your day needs to be accounted for! Focus on the hour as a whole instead.
  4. Evaluate your schedule at the end of every day: Did you follow it? Why, or why not?

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