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Challenge: How To Take Control Of Your Schedule & Create More Time, Part 2

While part 1 of this challenge simply documents how you're typically spending your time over a 7-day time period, part 2 is much more proactive!

Up next, our simple questions will help you to analyze the time you've spent in the past, so that you can plan a more purposeful and productive schedule in the future!

Here's how part 2 of this challenge works:

  1. First, review all 7 of your Daily Planners over the past week to analyze how you've spent your time:
    1. Sleep: Have you been sleeping enough, too much? About 8 hours is recommended for most adults.
    2. Schedules: Do you have routines? Do you have average wake and sleep schedules? Can you predict your daily activities? Do you feel productive?
    3. Negative Habits: Are there things you would like to take away, or stop doing?
    4. Positive Habits: Are there things you would like to add, or start doing?
  2. Then, begin to plan the outline of your next 7 days, by starting with 4 lists:
    1. Obligations: Things like sleep, or working hours are listed here; anything that you're dedicated to and cannot change. While these may be commitments of your time now, do you want to make changes here? How so?
    2. Self-Care: Things that you want or need to do; anything that brings you joy and fulfillment, that you would like to do more of. Make a long list of anything that comes to mind! This is about taking care of yourself, so that you can mentally and physically be available elsewhere in your life.
    3. Family: Things that you do to help your family; anything that you want to do, or are best suited to do. Parenting, home-management, healthcare provider needs.
    4. Friends: Things that you do socially; with individuals or as part of your community. Outings, playdates, fellowship.
  3. Then, download the daily worksheet (or, create your own), and outline your next 7 days based on this order of importance:
    1. Obligations: Block out obligations first, by days and times.
    2. Self-Care: Choose 1 new self-care thing that you're not currently doing, dedicate time to it over the next 7 days.
    3. Family: Are there family obligations you can delegate? Which ones will you be dedicating your time to over the next 7 days?
    4. Friends: What would you like to do socially over the next 7 days? Where does it fit into your schedule?
  4. Stick to your new daily plans over the next 7 days!

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