Do you think a tangible business card is an essential tool for your business?

Yes, no, maybe?

However you answer, let’s define the use of a business card.

In the traditional sense, a business card is a tangible way for an enterprise to relay important information to a consumer.

That includes details like your name, contact details, product details, purpose, and a tangible reminder to follow-up.

With that being said, today’s technology is reinventing how we stay connected, with outlets like Social media and simple text messaging.

Consumers today are connecting with businesses in a much different way.

The reality is, the traditional use of a business card is becoming obsolete, and the average Yarnpreneur may not need to invest in them.

But, the intent of a business card may still be a relevant aspect of how your business reaches new clients and partners.

So, here are three methods of business cards that save money, while still connecting you with customers in an effective way:

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Method 1: Digital Business Cards

Scenario: You meet someone that you, personally, want to connect with.

What: A digital business card can be something as simple as an image on your phone that you text! Tell your contact to save your number in their phone with something that resonates with your business (like “Yarnprenuer Ember”).

Why: This is accomplishing two things. Your name will appear when you call or text them and they will be more likely to remember who you are.

How: Try a free photo editing app. We suggest Phonto or PicCollage.

5 things you should have on your digital business card:

  1. A headshot picture.
  2. Business name (If you don’t have a business name, just add your name and title)
  3. Your first and last name
  4. A quick catchy tagline (Example: “Helping Yarnpreneurs to create a business they love”)
  5. All social media platforms you regularly use for your business, links to your shop

Method 2: QR Codes

Scenario: You meet someone who is interested in you and/or has purchased from you and you want THEM to stay connected to you.

What: QR code that takes them to your social media page/group. Social Media, NOT a website or sales site. This can be a sign you have in a shop or at a craft fair.

Why: If you hand someone a business card, it will go somewhere unseen. If they don’t see it, they will forget about it and your business card (and all the money you spent on it) will go in the trash. If they “follow” you, they will be able to see you on a regular basis. Which means, they are more likely to remember you the next time they need your talents or service.

How: Anyone can scan the QR code with their phone camera. is a good one to use. Just copy and paste the site link and it does the rest! Very user friendly.

Method 3: Tangible Business Cards

Scenario: If you are doing business with another business

What: Most businesses expect to see and receive businesses cards when working with other businesses.

Why: Tangible business cards are a form of professionalism that, for the most part, has not been lost. This is especially true with networking and cross-promotional relationships.

How: For the value, ease of use, and accessibility we recommend you start with Vistaprint.

And, most businesses will want to clearly see these 5 things on your card:

  1. Business name
  2. First and last name
  3. At least 1 phone number (Specify if its a cell or office line)
  4. Email address
  5. Website/shopping site

Tips: Do not get fancy with fonts; your card needs to be clear. Do not add your home address (only commercial brick and mortar address). Do not get more then 250 at a time (unless it’s a really good deal). Think: plain, simple, legible. Your business cards do not have to be expensive.

So, are YOU in need of a business card?

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Tell us, what kind of Yarnpreneur are you?

Let us know in the comments!

Peace, Love & Yarn