What can a blog do for you?

By definition, a blog is a regularly updated website. And, every Yarnpreneur feels they absolutely need one to create a business they love! Well, you don't.

Let's talk about it...

The three most appealing factors of a blog are:

  1. Brand awareness: Creating diverse sources that represent your brand, in a place that others can source, visit, and refer to for information.
  2. Organic traffic: If your blog will be regularly updated with valid and relevant information, the hope is that it will be a traffic hub for your products and services (for sale).
  3. Ad Revenue: Depending on your business model, clicks to affiliate links on a blog might be one of your sources of revenue.

Will a blog help, or hinder?

Based on the three most appealing factors of a blog, please ask yourself:

  1. Brand awareness: Will my market enjoy a blog? Do they typically visit them for goods, services and information?
  2. Organic traffic: What will my blog offer? Will this platform create quality traffic that supports my business model (generating revenue)?
  3. Ad Revenue: Will affiliate links and sales HELP or HINDER the business model that my brand needs to thrive?

As a Yarnpreneur, why are blogs so appealing?

Blogs are appealing because we see how “successful” they can be for other yarn-related businesses. Let’s list the reasons we find them so “successful”:

  1. Blogs can make money: Sponsorships, affiliate revenue.
  2. Build an audience: Blogs are free to find and browse, information within them must be valuable and relevant.
  3. Networking & Reference: Blogs are referenced more often in print and in email newsletters because their content is easy to find, and it is lasting.

Let's be totally honest...

A blog is not something to take lightly. Consider these questions, and be totally honest with yourself:

  • Will a blog for my brand support MY business model?
  • Will a blog send buyers my way in a way that allows me to REPLICATE SUCCESS?
  • What content would I offer on a blog for my brand?
  • How often would I create new content?
  • How will I assure people know about my blog?

Where should I begin?

“Should I blog” is not the only question to ask yourself as a Yarnpreneur. Consider the following to see if a blog is right for your brand, and business model:

  • Define your business model; what products and services you offer, how you intend to gain clients, how you will earn revenue.
  • Outline the blog: Just like your business model, a blog should have a clear intention, a clear means to operate, and a clear call to action.

What is a business model?

In short, it's a revenue thing. According to the Harvard Business Review, a business model is how you plan to make money within your company. Simple? For some it might be.

In the digital world, with the plethora of options to be social, have a presence, and offer a storefront, this might be an especially difficult question. “Should I start a blog?” is one question that resonates with most business owners (pertaining to business models, at least).

But, before we answer that, let’s think about your business model!

How do I plan to make money?

A good business model is not only WHAT you sell, but HOW you will sell it in successful ways that you you can replicate. If you sell goods, you might have an Etsy shop, or a store feature on your Facebook page. Those are the PLACES you sell. Now, the question is how will you find clients (or, how can you assure clients will find you)?

This is where we get creative about WHERE we operate in addition to our stores, and this is why business owners often consider platforms like blogs.

So, what's your business model?

If you're not sure, watch our quick video about building your business foundations today! You can watch for free in our Facebook group when you click the link below.

Business Foundations - Free Lesson

If you thought this outline about blogs and business models was helpful, please let us know in the comments!

Peace, Love & Crochet